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本文摘要:Most valuable brands: 9 American and 1 from China全球10大最有使用价值知名品牌:中国一个、美国9个Shenzhen-based tech firm Tencent has broken into a ranking of the top 10 most valuable brands published by BrandZ.Brand Z全世界最没有使用价值知名品牌百强企业榜出炉,总公司位于深圳市的腾讯官方位居第10位,沦落


Most valuable brands: 9 American and 1 from China全球10大最有使用价值知名品牌:中国一个、美国9个Shenzhen-based tech firm Tencent has broken into a ranking of the top 10 most valuable brands published by BrandZ.Brand Z全世界最没有使用价值知名品牌百强企业榜出炉,总公司位于深圳市的腾讯官方位居第10位,沦落在历史上初次转到榜单前十名的中国企业。The annual ranking is typically dominated by American companies with global reach, making the inclusion of a Chinese firm notable.一直以来转到该榜单的绝大部分全是美国知名品牌,因而,腾讯官方本次入榜尤其是在特别注意。Tencent specializes in popular online games, apps, instant messaging services and online payments. It boasts a market capitalization of $330 billion, making it worth more than Americas most valuable bank: JPMorgan Chase (JPM).腾讯企业涉及的行业有:手机在线游戏,手机应用程序于,即时聊天服务项目及其线上交纳,它的总市值为3300亿,高达了美国最没有使用价值的摩根银行金融机构。

Heres a round-up of the worlds 10 most valuable brands:下列是转到榜单前十的公司:1. Google1、GoogleGoogle is still the most valuable brand in the world; a title it has retained for seven out of the past 11 years.Google依然是世界最没有使用价值的企业品牌;过去的十一中,它早就到数七年位居第一.Its brand value -- worth just over $245 billion -- increased by 7% from 2016.Google的品牌价值高达2.45万亿,较二零一六年快速增长了7%.Googles brand is associated with innovative research, self-driving cars and helpful online services like Google Drive, Google Docs and Google Maps.该企业的新项目涉及创新能力科学研究,自动驾驶轿车,及其一些在线客服,如:谷歌硬盘,谷歌文档及其百度地图.Bonus: The company consistently ranks as one of the worlds best employers.奖励金:Google依然全是全世界工资待遇最烂的企业.2. Apple2、iPhoneApples brand value nudged up by 3% to $235 billion, helping it retain the No. 2 position in the ranking. But the brand has lost some shine since?2015 when it topped the BrandZ ranking.iPhone的品牌价值为2.35万亿元,下挫了3%,斩获状元榜眼的方向。殊不知在2015,iPhone曾是BrandZ榜单的第一,这强调该企业的知名度早就有一定的降低。

BrandZs ranking relies heavily on consumer perceptions. If people cant see that Apple is being innovative, its brand value will suffer.因为BrandZ榜单的核准主要是依靠顾客的见解。因而,假如大家没法看到美国苹果公司的艺术创意,它的品牌价值将不容易应对非常大挑戰。3. Microsoft3、微软中国Microsoft has landed in the third slot for three years running. Its brand valuation nudged up by 5% to $143 billion.微软中国已到数三年斩获探花的方向,其品牌价值为1.43万亿,较去年提升了5%。

Microsoft generates nearly a third of its revenue and almost 40% of its operating profits from its Intelligent Cloud line of businesses.“云智能”新项目所带来的盈利完全占有了其经营盈利的江山半壁,也是其全年收入的三分之一。Investors are clearly happy with the company: Shares have shot up by about 16% since the start of the year.很好像,投资人们对微软中国的销售业绩很是心寒。微软中国的股票价格自今年初早就下挫了16%,正圆形平行线下降趋势。4. Amazon4、amazonAmazon has been on fire over the past year and its brand value surged by 41% to hit $139 billion.上年,amazon位居榜单第五。

2020年,该企业的品牌价值超出了1.39万亿元,下挫了41%。The retail giant offers a wide range of services: online shopping, grocery delivery, cloud computing and entertainment are just the tip of the iceberg. Its continuing to develop artificial intelligence services and its personal digital assistant, Alexa.兼任零售业的大佬企业,amazon的服务项目涉及多种行业:网上购物,货品仓储物流,云计算技术及其游戏项目等。所述行业还仅仅冰山一角。

亚马逊公司还着眼于产品研发人工智能技术服务项目和本人数据小助手,Alexa。Investors have taken notice too, bidding up shares by 34% since the start of the year.投资人们也留意来到这一点,因而她们刚开始炒高amazon的股票价格,从今年初刚开始,该企业的股票价格早就下挫了34%。

5. Facebook5、脸谱网The Facebook brand continues to perform well, despite scandals over fake news andviolent events streamed live on its platform.虽然经常会出现了虚假新闻和直播恶性事件的丑事,脸谱网以后保持了其不错的趋势。Facebooks brand value shot up by 27% over the past year to hit $130 billion.该企业的品牌价值也是一路下挫,超出1.3万亿美金,快速增长了27%。6. ATT6、美国电話传真企业(ATT)Telecom giant ATT has appeared in the ranking for seven consecutive years and its brand has increased in value by 65% over that period. Its now worth $115 billion.电信网大佬ATT早就到数七年经常会出现在榜单中,过去的七年中,该企业的品牌价值快速增长了65%,超出了2020年的1.15亿美金。

The company is trying to close an?acquisition of CNNs parent company, Time Warner ,that is worth about $109 billion including debt. If the purchase goes ahead, it would be one of the biggest takeovers of all time.ATT已经试着企业并购时代华纳。时代华纳是CNN的总公司,还包含负债以内,其品牌价值为1.09亿美元。

此项企业并购一旦建立,将沦落有史以来仅次的企业并购。7. Visa7、维萨Visa is an American company with a name thats recognized around the world.彻底全世界都掌握维萨这一美国公司。The companys brand value increased 10% to hit $111 billion this year.2020年,该企业的品牌价值超出了1.11亿美元,快速增长了10%。

The brand got a particularly big boost after Costco ended its relationship with American Express last year in favor of a new one with Visa andCitigroup .好市多在上年完成了和美国通运公司的协作,并与维萨及其花旗银行建立了合作关系,这促使维萨的品牌价值猛增。Millions of former Costco AmEx cards were subsequently transferred to Visa and Citi.接着,几百万的美国运通卡都改以了维萨和花旗银行卡。8. Tencent8、腾讯官方Led by its media-shy CEO, Pony Ma Huateng,Tencent is huge in China, where its messaging platform WeChat is used for everything from texting to booking karaoke sessions.腾讯是中国的一家大中型企业,它集团旗下的即时聊天服务平台手机微信主要用途广泛,从放信息内容到k歌一应俱全。BrandZ said that increased used of WeChat helped to propel Tencent into the top 10 for the first time. Its brand value jumped 27% to $108 billion.BrandZ杂志期刊称作腾讯官方初次入榜得益于微信用户量的快速增长,其品牌价值超出1.08亿美元,当期快速增长27%。

The only other Chinese firm to have cracked the top 10 is China Mobile, but it hasnt appeared on the list since 2013.先前,中国挪动中国唯一转到榜单前十的公司,殊不知二零一三年后,它就从榜单上消失了。Tencent is hoping to avoid that same fate by expanding globally. It announced plans last month to set up an artificial intelligence research lab in Seattle .上月,腾讯官方宣布方案在在洛杉矶建立人工智能技术的试验室,大家期待该公司不必由于全世界拓展而重演中国移动通信的后尘。9. IBM9、美国商用设备公司(IBM)IBM has been included in the ranking since it started in 2006.二零零六年,brandZ总榜初次公布,从那以后,IBM公司就依然正处在排在影响力。

This year the brand has been valued at $102 billion, up 18% from last year.17年,IBM公司的品牌价值超出1.02亿美元,当期持续增长18%。The company has helped boost its consumer appeal through the development of the artificial intelligence mascot Watson.根据产品研发具有人工智能技术的吉祥物设计珀特,IBM更拥有更为多的顾客。

10. McDonalds10、肯德基McDonalds is the only truly non-tech company to be featured in the top 10 ranking this year.2020年,肯德基是前十名中唯一的非科技企业。The brand has received a boost by introducing more healthy food options. Its also offering more locally-inspired options in places like China and India, said Wang.该公司品牌价值的猛增得益于产品研发了更为多的身心健康菜肴。